Denim For The People

As we built our brand, we noticed that everyone had their own story, own interests, and we want to champion them all. From our customers to our colleagues, your own uniqueness and originality begs to be displayed. We thought it should.


#DenimforthePeople was born from recognizing your individuality. What makes you unique?  Denim for the ________. Not sure what you would fill in? That’s perfect! It gives you the freedom to test out new things, and find what fits.


We’re putting together a collection showcasing how you wear DenimKratos and your word. Take advantage of our sale, share your word with #denimforthepeople and @denimkratos, and fuel a movement.


Maybe it’s a feeling. We recently worked with Nate Wood (@Woodreaux), and his word is Vibes; the denim helps dictate the vibe you feel when you put them on. Marc Gamboa (@marc.gamboa) writes Denim for the Explorer.


DenimKratos Marc Gamboa Astikos Raw Slim Fit Jean

It’s summer, the perfect time to explore. Get out there, and traverse the city, a place you have never been. Try a hiking trail you haven’t hiked, or the new microbrewery that’s begging you to enter.

Let’s start creating your journey.

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