Raw Denim Care 101

Raw Denim Jean Product Care
Our signature DenimKratos raw denim was woven by the esteemed Cone Mills to
deliver a high caliber left hand twill weave that will give fantastic fades
over time. A hint of stretch lends for ultimate wear and comfort.

Cleaning Tips

- Hard core fanatics will resist washing their pair of jeans
for the first 6 months. This technique allows for creating
the best wear patterns in the natural indigo layers.
Should you need a bit of relief from smelly jeans:

- Air them out – literally! Hang them
outside to soak in fresh air.

- A 20 minutes air cycle with a softener
sheet will instantly refresh the jeans.

Our raw denim will shrink ½” at the waist and inseam.
We cut our inseams ½” longer to compensate for
this, and the stretch will ease out the waist
after some wear post the first wash.

Washing Guide

- Button the jeans and close the zipper.
Wash in cold water inside out alone or with
dark colors as the indigo will transfer to light colors.

- After the wash cycle, gently pull on the legs while
holding the waistband to gain back some length.
Clip them upside down by the legs to hang dry.
Never hang them from the belt loops as this will
cause unnecessary strain on the loops.

- Should you want them to shrink a tad
more for a snug fit, pop them into the
dryer on low heat for 20 minutes.
Please note that the heat will
shrink the jeans overall.


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