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Denim For The People

As we built our brand, we noticed that everyone had their own story, own interests, and we want to champion them all. From our customers to our colleagues, your own uniqueness and originality begs to be displayed. We thought it should.   #DenimforthePeople was born from recognizing your individuality. What makes you unique?  Denim for the ________. Not sure what you would fill in? That’s perfect! It gives you the freedom to test out new things, and find what fits.   We’re putting together a collection showcasing how you wear DenimKratos and your word. Take advantage of our sale, share your word with #denimforthepeople and @denimkratos, and fuel a movement.   Maybe it’s a feeling. We recently worked with Nate...

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What’s With The Names?

What does it all mean? At DenimKratos, we wanted to take special care and name our Black Label Jeans in the same manor as we derived DenimKratos. After all, DenimKratos is adapted from Demos Kratos: People Rule, aka Democracy. You will see Astikos as our Slim Fit, Marad as our Black Skinny, and Dynami as our Slim Straight. Astikos is Greek for Urban. We named the Slim Fit to pay homage to its diversity and style. Classy and tailored for work, durable and comfortable for play and life. Raw denim is a natural dark indigo color, giving it a refined finish. Since they are Raw Denim, as you wear the jeans, they will break in and move with you, wherever...

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Raw Denim Jeans Demystified

Why Raw? Raw denim jeans are simply jeans sold without ever going through the wash after color dying.  So what makes this highly sought after by denim aficionados? In a crowded world and with instant on demand, there are still a few who seeks individuality and are willing to work for it.  It’s easy to buy a pair of jeans that seems like you owned it for years or it was a hand me down.  It gives people instant rebellious, anti-establishment teen spirit, celebrity coolness or just plain old street creds. But some of us are willing to go the extra distance by actually creating something 100% genuine and personalized.  This endeavor could be years in the making.  Every crease,...

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DenimKratos = High Quality Denim Jeans

High Quality Denim: Don’t Wash Your Jeans! Denim jeans are available in all types of washes, finishes, and prices, but if you are looking for the “real thing” only raw denim will do. Raw denim has not been put through a pre-wash process, and can be difficult to find – and when you do, it is usually pricey. DenimKratos has made it their mission to bring back the look, feel, and comfort of “real” jeans, with each pair designed with the ultimate attention to quality, fit, and details – at a price that makes sense. Why Raw Denim? Raw denim, when woven by a top-quality fabric mill, achieves the most attractive fade patterns over time – but you need to...

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A Short History of American Blue Jeans

The Quintessential, Egalitarian American Clothing Design Capturing the Pioneering Spirit and Pursuits of Happiness. The Founding Fathers of Jeans Levi Strauss and Jacob Davis Like so many American stories, we find the history of jeans interwoven with the lives of immigrants in pursuit of opportunities and new beginnings.  In the 1850’s, a European immigrant named Levi Strauss around San Francisco, California began making brown trousers with little or no belt loops and neither  pockets for miners by using cotton tent canvas from existing stock selling it out of his family’s dry goods store.  Cinch belts helped to keep the pants up as the miners worked among the rocks and rivers.  They were cheap, comfortable and they did the job of...

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