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High Quality Denim: Don’t Wash Your Jeans!

Denim jeans are available in all types of washes, finishes, and prices, but if you are looking for the “real thing” only raw denim will do. Raw denim has not been put through a pre-wash process, and can be difficult to find – and when you do, it is usually pricey. DenimKratos has made it their mission to bring back the look, feel, and comfort of “real” jeans, with each pair designed with the ultimate attention to quality, fit, and details – at a price that makes sense.

Why Raw Denim?

Raw denim, when woven by a top-quality fabric mill, achieves the most attractive fade patterns over time – but you need to handle your jeans right to bring on that authentic look and feel. The secret to a fantastic pair of jeans that are your go-to forever: Don’t wash ‘em!

Hard core denim aficionados often avoid washing raw denim jeans for up to six months, and simply hang them out in the air to freshen. You may not want to wait six months, but if you crave a pair of jeans that fits perfectly and has the look that only naturally worn fade patterns can bring, DenimKratos is your new best friend. Not only does this brand have the perfect fit and feel, they are priced right. Why pay the maximum for raw denim with the cut and fit that says “pricey” when you can get the perfect pair of jeans for less?

Authentic, Vintage Look in Jeans with a Perfect Fit

The natural indigo-dyed layers will be revealed slowly over time, and give you that sought-after worn appearance that is impossible to achieve through any manufacturing process. For an authentic, vintage look – exceptionally comfortable, with a modern fit that shows off your best qualities – try on a pair of DenimKratos jeans and expect to be amazed. Not only do these raw denim jeans have a fit like no other, after being broken in, you’ll never want to wear another pair.

Raw Denim Jeans

Warp and Weft: The Magic of Raw Denim Done Right

In producing an authentic worn look, it is all about the warp and weft. How the raw denim is produced makes a big difference in the appearance of the natural wear patterns, and at DenimKratos, we haven’t cut any corners. Our denim mill, Cone Mills, weaves raw denim that fades just right – and has a hint of stretch for comfort. The “left hand twill weave” of our raw denim makes it possible to get the perfect fade patterns, just like cowboys or miners had in the old West. They are built to last.

Getting Real with Raw Denim Jeans: DenimKratos

What makes a pair of jeans your all-time favorite? The absolute comfort and soft feel of naturally worn raw denim cannot be duplicated in manufacturing. Getting a real pair of jeans means commitment. They look great when new, and even better after they naturally wear, revealing the creases and patterns only your body can create -- for the perfect (and yes, eye-catching) fit. Check out a recent review on DenimKratos from The Denim Hound! We know you want the look, and we have provided all you need to know about caring for your raw denim jeans at Once you know us, you’ll never forget us. We make the real thing.

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