What’s With The Names?

What does it all mean?

At DenimKratos, we wanted to take special care and name our Black Label Jeans in the same manor as we derived DenimKratos. After all, DenimKratos is adapted from Demos Kratos: People Rule, aka Democracy. You will see Astikos as our Slim Fit, Marad as our Black Skinny, and Dynami as our Slim Straight.

Astikos is Greek for Urban. We named the Slim Fit to pay homage to its diversity and style. Classy and tailored for work, durable and comfortable for play and life. Raw denim is a natural dark indigo color, giving it a refined finish. Since they are Raw Denim, as you wear the jeans, they will break in and move with you, wherever that may be.

Marad means "To Rebel," in Greek, an extremely appropriate name for our Black Skinny. Something that is out of the norm, and beyond your comfort zone. Just give them a shot - once you put them on, you will understand the buzz and hype. Whether you wear it out with friends or to the office, this versatile jean will travel well no matter what the situation, but you’ll feel like you are breaking the rules.

We took special care in naming our Slim Straight style. It's cut for the athletic man, a man with power. Dynami is Greek for Power, and we know you have it. Think you can't do slim jeans? Think again, this style is designed for you. Let's talk about the fit. The fabric is pliable and sturdy denim for the toughest work environments, yet stylish enough for the office. Now you don't need to look for the baggy fit when buying jeans.

We are starting to think of our new styles. What should we name them? Are there English or Greek words that inspire you? We want to make sure and keep the customer - you - ever in mind when we style and name our jeans. Not only should they look and fit well, but if there is a little inspiration built in, we believe that passes on to you. Comment below on a phrase and/or style that speaks to you!

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